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Long Term Care

Comprehensive Long Term Care

We are extremely proud of our Skilled Nursing Facility, we also strive to provide the best in Spiritual Programs and Recreational Activities for our residents, not only for those who are long term residents, but for those who may only maintain residence for a short time.

Not just arts and crafts, but a skilled discipline designed to keep residents at their highest possible functioning level. A wide variety of individual and group activities and bedside programming.

  • Music and Art Programs
  • Live Entertainment
  • Outings, at Least Quarterly
  • Remotivation Therapy
  • Reality Orientation
  • Pet Visits
  • Sensory Stimulation Program

Monthly newsletter with activity calendar, birthdays and Resident of the Month Features.

Room to room shopping car weekly.

Daily mail delivery, reading and writing assistance available.




We at Willow Gardens Care Center are respectful of all beliefs. Sunday religious services are provided for both Catholics and Protestants. Rotating ministers from the community provide mid-week services during non-summer months. Scheduled religious music and hymn songs are offered as well as any Chaplin services, upon request.

Long-term residents, as well as those utilizing our Skilled Nursing Program can benefit from the following services:


Willow Gardens is fortunate to have an actively involved, caring Medical Director. Daily calls to each nurse's station provide support and guidance to the staff. Frequent visits with residents facilitate close monitoring of their health status. In addition, the Medical Director oversees all medical policies and procedures. Appointments are available upon request.

Lab/X-Ray Services

May be requested on site to avoid difficult or costly transportation of resident.


Pharmacy Consultant

Monitors each resident and offers appropriate suggestions and alternatives. Visits facility monthly.

Psychiatric Consultant

Visits facility monthly and maintains close contact with facility staff. Available for consultation and appointments.

Hospice Support

Willow Gardens enjoys a mutually supportive relationship with local Hospice organizations in serving terminal residents.

Podiatry Services*

Dental Services*

Optometry Services*

*available upon request

Nutrition/Social Services


Comprehensive nutritional assessments by consultant licensed dietician and food service director.

Home-like meals using seasonal produce.

Food preference list.

Alternative menus, variety of foods.

Snacks provided.

Special diets available.

House protein supplement, when needed.

Adaptive eating services.

Room service during illness.

Family-style traditional holiday meals planned with resident input.

Meals for family and guests while visiting.

Monthly resident planned meals.


Full-time professional Social Worker (BSW)

Member Iowa Nursing Home Social Worker Association.

Enhances resident's psychosocial functioning through assessment of each resident and care plan involvement.

Serves as advocate for residents.

Comprehensive discharge planning with working knowledge of services available in the community.

Available for counseling or family consults.

Safety & Security Laundry & Housekeeping


Open to all residents

Scheduled monthly meetings

Resident presiding officers

Plan residents´ choice meal

Residents´ comments are encouraged and acted upon. Staff attends upon invitation to answer questions or address concerns.


Access to 24 Hour Physician Coverage

Emergency Medical Care

Ambulance service as needed

A restraint-free environment

Fall protection program

Emergency power generator

Use of facility wheelchairs and walkers, if needed.


Daily housekeeping and laundry service

In-house laundry facilities, not sent out

Laundry labels sewn in

What We Do

We pride ourselves on taking care of our residents like they are our family.  We provide top-notch skilled and intermediate nursing care in conjunction with our skilled therapists.


About Us

Willow Gardens is owned and managed by American Health Foundation (AHF). AHF was formed in 1988 to own and operate nursing homes and other health care facilities on a non-profit basis. At present, AHF owns and operates nursing homes located in five states, housing more than 1,000 beds. American Health Foundation's home office is located in Dublin, OH.


News and Events

Please stop by and visit our facility.  We have activities going on all day and into the evening.  Our residents enjoy having visitors and we encourage frequent visitors.