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Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing At Willow Gardens Care Center

Willow Gardens is one of the few facilities in the area providing a Skilled Nursing level of care. Skilled Nursing provides many services administered by licensed nurses and therapists:

  • Aseptic Dressing Techniques
  • Special Catheter Care
  • Goal Oriented Rehabilitation
  • Enteral Feedings
  • Medical Gas
  • Teaching/Training Programs
  • IV, IM Medications and Infusions

Utilization Review, Quality Assurance


An interdisciplinary approach to maximize utilization of resources in helping residents reach their goal through rehabilitation and preparation for discharge.


A staff review, with input from the medical director and all departments, of the the practices, procedures and policies to ensure efficiency and the highest quality of care for our residents.


A comprehensive personalize plan of care is developed for each resident with multi-discipline professional involvement and input of physician, resident and family. Computerized records aid in accuracy and efficiency. Discharge planning to increase success after leaving the facility, including arrangement of in-home services and a home visit to assist in proactive problem resolution.


The on-site Rehabilitation Department is an active participant in the personalized care plan for each resident.

Physical Therapy
Concentrates on improving strength, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance and pain management.

Chest Physical Therapy Program
To deal with respiratory problems.

Range of Motion Assessment Program
To check joint, muscle function to increase optimal level function.

Wound Care Program
To prevent skin problems and treat any decubitis or blood circulation problems.

Occupation Therapy
Retrains residents in self-care skills to maintain independence

  • Adaptive Equipment Program
  • Splinting Program
  • Positioning Program

Speech-Language Pathology
Assists residents with all aspects of communication, with focus on returning residents to the highest potential of communication.

  • Aural Rehab
  • Dysphasia Program
  • Dementia Management

Infusion (IV) Services
Administration and maintenance by trained Professional Nurses of Infusion (IV) Services

Therapies available:

  • Hydration Therapy
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • TPN
  • Pain Management
  • Chemotherapy

Willow Gardens has the ability to maintain the highest levels of activities for residents while maintaining IV therapy.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on taking care of our residents like they are our family.  We provide top-notch skilled and intermediate nursing care in conjunction with our skilled therapists.


About Us

Willow Gardens is owned and managed by American Health Foundation (AHF). AHF was formed in 1988 to own and operate nursing homes and other health care facilities on a non-profit basis. At present, AHF owns and operates nursing homes located in five states, housing more than 1,000 beds. American Health Foundation's home office is located in Dublin, OH.


News and Events

Please stop by and visit our facility.  We have activities going on all day and into the evening.  Our residents enjoy having visitors and we encourage frequent visitors.